Living Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney

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 Last Will and Testament and Trust

Your Last Will and Testament Estates and Probate.
When a loved one passes away, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney right away. There may be nothing that needs to be done, but often you find that there are things that need to be revised or updated, such as a last will and testament. We recommend that you have a death certificate submitted to your attorney so that there is a copy on file, and you know exactly where the information the instrument used to transfer your assets and property to your heirs in the way that you would prefer they are transferred. The executor of your will is the person who will ensure that your will is followed.

Updated Wills

It’s important that you keep both your Living Will and your Last Will and Testament updated to ensure that there are no surprises or unanswered questions for your family. Even if you think that your situation is simple, it’s important that you make sure your will is updated to avoid small, but important changes that could cause a huge problem for your family. If you own any property that you want to ensure goes to the right beneficiaries, make certain that it is included in your Last Will and Testament with the correct details.

If the heirs are minors when you pass, a trust can be set up to handle their assets until they are mature enough to handle them on their own.

These trusts allow you to choose a variety of to distribute the assets, based on their level of maturity or demonstration of their ability to handle their finances. A Business Power of Attorney is used to take care of you should you become ill, and your agent will be in charge of your business affairs until you recover. Your Living Will is designed to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event you become ill, disabled, or injured and are unable to speak for yourself. An example where a Living Will would have been helpful is the Terry Schiavo case from Florida.
In this case, Ms. Schiavo was living in a persistently vegetative state, surviving through a feeding tube. Her husband wanted to remove the feeding tube and allow her to pass on naturally, while her parents did not. The case went back and forth through the Florida and Supreme Courts, taking several years before a judge determined that the tube should be removed. The entire time, Ms. Schiavo was in a vegetative state.
Your Living Will is the instrument that is used to ensure that your desires are used to determine the outcome. This will allow your family, and the courts, if needed, to know exactly what your wishes are. Inside the offices of our local law firm, you will find several booklets, books, and lists to help you to determine the best option for you in this situation.


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